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Cocaine Anonymous World Services posts publication-type files in the Internet standard "PDF" format. Examples of these files are the CA NewsGram, convention registration flyers, and our meeting formats. Because the program needed to view these files is not included in most browsers, this has posed a problem for many visitors to our site. Now that the program's owner allows free distribution of this software, and with the approval of the CA World Service Conference, we can now offer downloads of the file viewer and its install program directly from this web site.

It should be noted that Cocaine Anonymous is in no way related to, nor is it endorsing the company that has created this viewer. We are simply accepting the reality of Internet standards, and offering these programs as a service to our members. CAWS can not offer any technical support for installation or use of this product. CAWS does not assume any responsibility whatsoever regarding use or installation of this product.

Please click on the appropriate link below that matches the operating system of the computer being used. A compressed file containing the viewer and it's install program will begin to download on your computer. Once it is downloaded, click on the filename to start the install.

Windows 3.1 version (3.8MB)

Windows 95/98 or NT 4.0 version (5.3MB)

Macintosh HQX version (5.5MB)


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We regret being unable to offer links to non-C.A. sites, due to our longstanding tradition of non-endorsement of outside enterprises, whether related to our goals or not. While we are grateful for all links from other Web sites, we do not endorse any product, service or opinion offered by any outside organization.

These files are in ".PDF (Portable Document File) format" and require the free "PDF file viewer". PDF format is not endorsed by C.A. but is used as the Internet standard format for printed publications, such as the C.A. NewsGram and convention registration forms.

These movies require the free "Flash player". Flash player is not endorsed by C.A. but is used as an Internet standard format for audio and video content on this website.

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